Patient-Reported Outcome, Biodata and Process Data to Evaluate Dialysis Tolerability

Our Motivation.

Haemodialysis (HD) treatment affects around 0.1% of the population but requires 5 to 10% of overall health costs in developed countries due to complex and chronic patient care. Since quality and process control of HD treatment is nowadays not based on an assessment of patient-specific biochemical and procedural dialysis measures, the ProDial project aims at developing an individual approach based on the granular characterization of the patients' surrogate biodata of sympathetic activation following HD treatment, physical activity, sleep quality, recovery time, self-reported tolerability outcome and HD machine data with the goal to increase individual treatment outcome and tolerability.

Our Solution.

Nowadays, quality and process control of hemodialysis treatment is based on a general evaluation of biochemical and procedural measures, which does not really influence the individual patient's outcome in terms of mortality and dialysis tolerance. For this reason, the ProDial project aims to develop an individual analysis of the dialysis treatment and a personalized data generation and handling scheme. For this purpose, time-synchronous data of different dialysis aspects will be collected and evaluated. This includes patient and therapy characteristics, biomedical real-time feedback, process information and patient reported outcomes. Innovative and anonymized data collection methods, including the integration of portable personal devices and sensors, will ensure integrated, searchable and personalized data storage.

Novel mechanisms for finding significant correlations between the referenced data categories should enable the development of personalized real-time dialysis treatment procedures in the long term. These data-based algorithms can then be integrated into modern and intelligent dialysis centers to enable truly personalized real-time treatment that responds immediately to the individual co-morbidity and tolerability behavior of the patient.

Our Partners.

The ProDial project is a joint and interdisciplinary endeavor, integrating partners from the medical, data science and software development fields.

Innovation Center Computer Assisted Surgery (ICCAS)

Technical development of applications for PRO assessment and hardware interfaces, data analysis and evaluation, scientific exploitation of project results.

Sankt Georg Hospital Leipzig

Leadership in medical consultation, planning and implementation of the patient study, conceptual support during application development, medical evaluation of the project results.

Medfina GmbH

Technical development of hardware interfaces for device integration and solutions for safe and secure storage, data analysis and evaluation.

University Hospital Wroczlaw

Planning and implementation of the patient study, conceptual support during application development, medical evaluation of the project results.